Repatriate Games

A Day on the Farms

Did you know cows like graham crackers?

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Decanting Virginia Wines. Crushed Cellars

Absolutely our vibe. The winery also happens to be for sale; but alas, we don’t have 1.5M laying around. Plus, I don’t have time for another hobby even if we did have 1.5M laying around.

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The Waterford Fair 🍂

I’ve been sitting on this post for more than a week, in the event that the funny tricks of time might change my impression, but, no. We enjoyed the village more than we did the fair.

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Decanting Virginia Wines. Breaux Vineyards

Our verdict? Wine: 🍷🍷 Scenery: 🍂🍂🍂🍂

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Leaf Peeping 2022 🍂

It should be a requirement across the Commonwealth that one head into the mountains in autumn.

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Life in “Little c” Country

My social media feeds have never been more entertaining.

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The Exhausting NMAAHC

Touring this information-dense museum in one day is akin to the Griswold’s running through The Louvre in 15 minutes. I didn’t even try.

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Origami in the Garden

Not my garden, because my “garden” is a kaleidoscopic nightmare of wayward perennials, overgrown Hosta and plants that make me sigh with disappointment. We don’t know what Seller was thinking when she stormed Southern States and planted her bounty all around the yard. Correcting this has been an ongoing effort.

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Epicurious Adventures

Cooking is the antidote to weekends spent Working. On. The. House.

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