Repatriate Games

Kaintuck with a Couple of Sides. Part I. Berea

Affixing the Thule atop the wagon was almost a pop-open-the-Champagne moment.

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Cicada Chronicles. That’s a Wrap!

There are a few hundred late-comers buzzing around, but the din is softer and birds are returning to my feeders.  Cicada Tour 2021 is near its end.

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Jelly Rolls, Fats, and FARTs, Oh My!

We were not prepared for quilting as a competitive sport.

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Notes on Knox


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Sunrise along the Shoals

It’s like Türkenschanzpark, just with more nature for me to snap.

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Trekking Tennessee: Weekend Wanders MashUp

History, wine, a scenic river, and cows. Because who isn’t easily distracted by cows?

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Epicurious Adventures

How I distract myself from writing about our non-culinary adventures.

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Cicada Chronicles. Early May.

Brood X has emerged!

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Feeder Fotos

One very determined little Pine Siskin!

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