Repatriate Games

Notes on Knox

“I love my HOA!” Said probably no one ever. I despise our HOA. I really, really, really do. Burning our annual dues in the fire pit on our terrace would be more satisfying.

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Along Tennessee’s Whiskey Trail. Sevierville

Of course there is a Whiskey Trail. Tennessee is a Founding Father when it comes to distilled grains, after all.

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Trekking Tennessee. Obed

This spectacular little trek was undertaken last month; I’ve just been a bit indolent with the words lately.

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Founding Families. The Birthplace of Knoxville, 1786

Spoiler. The city was not founded by the Knox Family.

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“Where y’all from?”

Our accents, or more likely the lack thereof give us away.  We may be back in our home country,  but Tennessee is definitely not where we are “from.”

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Fried Chicken Studies. Jackie’s Dream

“The Possibility of the Dream Gives Strength”

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Sunrise at the Shoals

It’s summer in the South, so every other morning or thereabouts we do an early walk with CTF around Turkey Creek Shoals, barely 10 minutes from the house. This is a reservoir lake and part of the Tennessee Valley Authority navigable 652 mile waterway to Paducah, Kentucky. Rather impressive, I think.

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Epicurious Adventures

Courgette Carpaccio. Who knew?

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Notes on Knox

It has been awhile, has it not?

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