Repatriate Games

Life in “Little c” Country

Loose livestock, cacophonous coyotes, and more.

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Feeder Fotos

I don’t have the backyard bird bonanza that I enjoyed in East Tennessee. Yet.

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Season of the Sticks

A First Day Wander

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Almost Heaven. West Virginia’s Oldest Town

Spoiler. If you’re seeking an in-depth of All. The. History. in these West Virginia towns, you’d best find another blog. Civil War history isn’t my thing, though at some point I may have to surrender and learn a few things in spite of myself. I’m not at that point. Yet.

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Epicurious Adventures

Always a fun recap to write.

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The Double. A Morning at the NGA

“Doubling involves combining forms and motifs that appear both alike and unalike.”

Boy, do I ever miss my art group.

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Holiday Markets Roundup

Christmas markets in Europe have centuries long traditions. Here in Northern Virginia we’re still cutting our teeth on the topic. Continue reading “Holiday Markets Roundup”

Life in “Little c” Country

This is beginning to rival “Anecdotes on Austria” in entertainment value.

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A Day on the Farms

Did you know cows like graham crackers?

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