Repatriate Games

Epicurious Adventures

If we can not travel, at least there is cooking.

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Feeder Fotos

The Robins have arrived en masse.

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Boyd’s Creek. A Driving Tour.

With history, too!

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Notes on Knox

You can likely guess the theme.

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A Hard Cider Flight

More fun than being on a road to nowhere.

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The Best Baloney Sandwich in Tennessee

In the town of Rugby, a failed utopia in the Cumberland Plateau.

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Notes on Knox

Home improvement. Because, what the hell else is there to do?

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Liberated from Storage. II

In the second and final (or perhaps not, who knows?) installment in this series, UT’s Ewing Gallery presented a random exhibit of items from their collection again. Shall we wander aimlessly together?

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On Cancel Culture

I wrote mindfully, or so I thought about how Anna’s COVID diagnosis, the day before she was to travel stateside for the holidays, upended the plans in place; and how we made the decision for me to travel to be with her.  But, haters gonna hate.

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