Repatriate Games

Nollywood; Yayoi Kusama; Pickett’s Charge; and Something Called, “Purple”

Quite the combination, isn’t it?

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The Layover. Air & Water

Casually filling the days before the Grad School adventure began.

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The Layover. St. Michaels

We mostly came for the crabs.

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Epicurious Adventures

“What is THE BEST _____________?”

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The Layover. LEGOS!

Sprinkle a beautiful setting with a LEGOS Brick Menagerie, and we’re there.

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The Layover. Skyline Drive

It’s been four years since a student wandered into the kitchen each morning to eat, well, nothing, with a side of water and with a morning face that only a Mom can love. Can’t write that I missed that.  🤣

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Decanting Virginia Wine. Bozzo Family Vineyards

Our Verdict? 🍷🍷🍷🍷  We all agreed that “Timmy” was our BFF.

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Quilting Stories from Appalachia

No, no. I am not quilting. That would be a quilt horror story.

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To the Smoky Mountains and Back

A short but sweet visit to the Coronial Times locale.

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