In good time the list of available housing arrived, and over the course of an evening we had whittled the list of 22 possible residences down to just 3.  Many of the listings were on the other side of the Danube, or were too small, or not in one of the Districts we most desired to live in.  A second set of listings generated another 6 inquiries, so we’re off to a good start.
House #1 could not have been more quintessential 19th century Europe.  Just look at that street!

The home was one half of a former large estate, quite typical for Europe, as well. Four bedrooms (room for guests!), a gorgeous living room…

…and the original wine cellar!  I fantasized all night about the amazing dinner parties that we could host in our very own wine cellar.

I’ve made my peace with having a small kitchen—it is all part of the adventure, after all. I haven’t yet come to terms with the pitiful excuses for washers and dryers that the Europeans have, but that is a secondary concern.  
So why did we decide not to rent this house?  Well…three of the bedrooms did not have windows!  One was in the basement (across from the wine cellar) and the other two had been carved out of the attic space.  When I sent my regrets to the owner that we were no longer interested in the house because of concerns with windowless bedrooms, she replied, “But the house is very charming!  Let me know if you decide to see it.”
House #2, according to the Owner: 
19th district is the best residential address in Vienna, particularly the peripheral part of it where the house is : few minutes’ walk from Vienna wood , bus stop ,The American School , Heurigen (traditional wine restaurants) and all other amenities..
The interior and exterior of the house have been just redecorated to a high standard making it like new and in a move in condition.
Only after three requests did the Owner send (really poor quality from a camera phone) pictures.  

All of the photos looked this indecipherable. Plus, the Owner never answered the question about whether haustieren were acceptable. We wondered how interested she really was in renting her home.
House #3, though, perked up our spirits.  Bedrooms with windows!  

A picturesque view of Austrian vineyards…

…a lovely fenced garden for our haustiere

…a bedroom with a balcony that the children are already fighting over…

…and a real kitchen! With a DISHWASHER! 

This could be our home for the next three years, but the house was not near to public transportation. 
House #4.  Poor Husband would spend the next three years bumping his head every time he got up from the sofa.  Of course, the Owner accepted pets.

And the last contestant in this round, House #5.  The second floor flat of this pretty, pretty building.

A large, sun-filled living room with terrace…
There are four bedrooms and the walk to a main tram line (and bus stop for the American School) is under 5 minutes. The kitchen, while not my style, is large by European standards and is fully equipped.  A colleague who is currently living in Vienna has offered to see the apartment on our behalf today, and recorded two great Flip videos of the apartment and the neighborhood. Everything looks wonderful! I think we’ve found our new home!

Of course, whereas I was once happy to be house hunting online (“It will be such a waste of time to spend a week roaming Vienna looking for a house!” I complained), I am now unhappy that I didn’t embrace the romance of an overseas house hunting junket. I have a feeling this is the first of many Trailing Spouse mistakes I will make.