Yesterday was Packing Day The True Test of My Organizational Prowess Day!

Perhaps if this were not the first time we’ve moved overseas I would probably be out getting a pedicure, and returning when all was said and done.  Instead, at 0530 today I was organizing the salad and dinner forks into their respective slots in the flatware tray. Because it matters.

It being that this is the first time we’ve moved overseas, I think I will hover in the house and otherwise pester the packing team.

0915. First crisis. We don’t have the original box for our flat screen, so the packers have decided to wrap the television in our air freight clothes for protection.  Anyone think we’ll see that television in one piece again?

0920. What’s going on in the kitchen, I wonder.

Whoops. Can’t take the box of matches we’ve collected from various hotels and restaurants.  Guess we’ll use them to light the two boxes of sparklers we can’t take, either.

0930. Second crisis. We learned that the 525 kg air freight allotment has to include the weight of the packing material.  Now I must prioritize.

1000. The Lead Packer informed me that I have a beautiful house that is very organized. Mission accomplished. I could end the blog right now.

I thought I’d give the packers a break and finish the sea freight manifest. I guess it’s been a while since the manifest was updated.  Hostess Trolley?

1330. Many acres of rain forest have been sacrificed to protect my crystal. Ouch. That’s hard to watch, but perhaps once we’re settled I can recycle the paper into these amazing paper baskets?

Stop laughing. The baskets are clever, but I am not. I get that.

1345. There’s a brave soul packing our son’s room. This is what it looked like two nights ago.

1420. Wondered where the dog was. Looks traumatized by the commotion.

1600. The designated time that the packers said they would be done, since we have to head to our swim club for the farewell pool party we’re hosting for our daughter.  We’re still here.

1630. Final crisis of the day. Prioritizing the air freight. Cookware and most of the electronics made the cut, thankfully.

1800. All is done.  Our house resembles a cardboard box corn maze.  The only mistake discovered so far is that the stack of owner’s manuals and a few local guides that I’d set aside for the family renting our house ended up in a box bound for Austria.   I’ll take it.