The last ten days or so have been a sprint. 

May 31. High School Spring Concert, featuring the Jazz Ensemble, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble.  Two amazing hours of music, including a solo by my favorite trumpet player.
June 1. Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  Great friends and great food amidst thunderstorms and tornado warnings.
June 3. Bronze Award Ceremony and surprise farewell for me.  Great friends, great food. And blue skies and sun, thankfully.
June 5. Middle School Spring Concert, featuring my favorite violinist.
June 8. Farewell Pool Party for aforementioned favorite violinist.
June 9. Girl Scouts Rock the Mall!  We also bridged our girls to Cadette Scouts in the beautiful garden behind the Smithsonian Castle.  Lovely day from start to finish.
June 10. Blue Crab Feast on the patio.  We are moving to a landlocked country, after all, and this was more of a “bucket list” item.
June 11. Field Day at the Middle School.  I let the grandparents take this one.
All that’s left now is to board the plane.