Three of us are in Austria.  On Monday morning we received confirmation that we could move our departure up one day because the forecast oppressively hot weather in DC increased the risk that Austrian Airlines would not fly CTF III. It need not be said that Monday was a little chaotic in our household.

After weeks of fretting over how Clayton Theodore would travel, though, I am pleased to report that he is definitely one of the family–he loves to travel!  He smiled and wagged his tail in the airports, walked into his crate and settled down, and was waiting happily for us when we caught up with him in Vienna. No fuss, no whining, nothing!  Just look at Mama’s Good Boy!

And all that angst over paperwork and microchip readers? The airlines folks in DC made copies of everything and taped it to his crate. The Customs Officer in Austria asked for the originals, asked us why we had so much luggage, patted Cletus on his head and called him a “Good Boy,” and sent us on our way.  Never even asked to scan his ID. 

Our Business Class flight was just lovely. A few more of those and I won’t be flying Economy Class ever again. The food was excellent. The starter was a small beef carpaccio with cheese; Pix and I shared a first course of cold herbed chicken and eggplant and feta timbale because it was large, and we each chose the filet of beef with Madeira sauce and truffled noodles for the main course.  Our tummies were very full by dessert time, so we again opted to share a cheese plate rather than have something sweet. Afterwards we reclined our seats into the “sleep” position, pulled up the quilt, and before we knew it breakfast was being served.

It was a good decision to leave when we did; the forecast for DC has very warm temperatures through next week, and I can not even imagine how we would have gotten Cletus across the pond had the boys already been gone.  It’s warm here (33 degrees today!), but after that it returns to seasonable weather, just in time for the boys to arrive. On Thursday I view our top two favorite houses.  I hope that whatever house we find we can move into sooner rather than later because the short-term apartment is very small, and I think we’d all be happier sleeping on a futon from IKEA in an empty house than tripping over each other in the temporary place.