Today we played tourists and headed to Stephansplatz. No plans to overdo it in the Museum Quarter, not in the mood for Palace Perusing, and no real agenda. We just wanted to be in the heart of it. Oh, wait, that’s New York.  Isn’t that where we were?

Of course not!  Anna Grace reminded me that we boarded the S-Bahn, not the Midtown Express.

Our first stop today, even before boarding the train, was to purchase two umbrellas as insurance against the forecast 90% chance of rain and thunderstorms. ‘Twas good insurance, as the clouds gave way to blue skies and sunshine for most of the day!

Stephansdom provided a lovely backdrop for photos.  For the next three years I’ve promised myself to actually be in front of the camera more often rather than behind.

Perhaps on the next outing.

Crowds abounded everywhere, except for this quiet little street. Maybe they need a Starbucks?

Anna Grace was wowed by the Spanish Riding School. I think she was expecting something more on the order of her barn. Note, of course, the renovation underway.  It wouldn’t be a trip to three years in Europe without something under renovation!

On the way home we were waiting for the tram at a stop near an intersection of the “Vienna Beltway.”  Hahahahahaha.

Wandering aimlessly without an agenda. First time in weeks, and it was sehr wunderbar.