After weeks (that seemed like months at times) we finally found a home!  Want to see?

Look!  Our home has its own station on the U-Bahn.

Let’s start with the garden.  There’s some pretty flowers.

The view from the garden needs the wide angle lens.

And a large fountain. Cletus would like that.

At the far end of the property is a Gloriette.  I think it would be a delightful place for barbecues and sleepovers for the children.  The view from up there is enchanting.

There’s also a Labyrinth and Maze to keep the sleepover guests occupied.  We’ll save the Zoo and the Orangerie and Rosarium and the host of other amusements for some other time, however. We wouldn’t want to share everything and ruin the fun for our guests.

We’re home!  I sure hope IKEA delivers!