In case you hadn’t figured it out, Schloβ Schonbrunn was not our real home.

This is our real home, the yellow home on the left.  A 100+ year old former vintner’s house in the charming Grinzing area of Vienna. The house has over 250 square meters of living space over three levels, a remarkable find in almost any European city.

The main salon is graced by two elegant chandeliers and a fireplace to keep us warm during the winter. 
The terrace room has a western exposure, and a perfect place for Clayton Theodore to warm his spotted belly in the sun.
In between are the bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as TWO KITCHENS. Can this house get any more exciting?  Well, yes, it can.  The second kitchen is located in the lower level, adjacent to the WINE CELLAR!  I am going to be living in a house with a wine cellar and TWO KITCHENS. I am swooning with epicurean delirium. Dinner parties! In the wine cellar!
The keen-eyed reader might note that this looks much like the very first house we spied, the one with no bedroom windows. This is the very first house we spied, way back in March. While going through real estate listings after the first housing fiasco I caught a photo of this wine cellar, along with photos of the bedrooms that showed small windows, yes, but also showed very large skylights. In fact, the entire upper level is flooded with light!  So we contacted the owner, and as good karma would have it, the house was still available.  I guess it was meant to be.