Part of the fun of travel is trying the local cuisine, no?  We’re pretty good about that, having tried everything from fresh moules et frites at a seaside restaurant in Normandy to braised sheep intestines in Salzburg, to tiny shrimp-with-eyes sushi from a sushi bar in Tokyo. Now that we’re living in Austria, though, we don’t feel as rushed to make it an all Schnitzel, all the time kind of diet.  Plenty of sauerbraten in front of the fireplace kind of nights ahead of us, too, so there’s no need to overdo it in 30+ degree weather.
One Friday night at the Derag we all wanted Mexican, per our usual “Friday Mexican Night” back in the States. We had heard from friends, and experienced ourselves in the Parisian “International” grocery store aisle, that American Tex-Mex is pretty much limited to Old El Paso taco kits and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.
Thus, with great trepidation and lowered expectations we combed the aisles of the Billa, and look what we found!
The finished product was muy delicioso, we all agreed.  But I’m still glad I have a years’ supply of chili powder bobbing across the ocean in sea freight, because it doesn’t appear that the Santa Maria brand ventures beyond taco and fajita seasoning.
 (Helpful kitchen tip: a plastic colander stands in for a cheese grater in a pinch.)