Heading east from our front door, past the Shoemaker. We haven’t seen the elves yet.

Rounding the corner and heading up toward the vineyard. 

Welcoming gate.

Not very welcoming gate.

The vineyard peeks out from the top of the first hill.
At the top of the street a cobblestone path inspires us to explore.
And we are rewarded for our effort.
Cletus makes a friend.
Coming back down we arrive in Nussdorf.  Very pretty.
An unconventional blue house in a city filled with yellow.
A lone passenger on the morning tram.
Back on Kahlenberger Straße.
A slightly shabby heurige.
A sparkling heurige. And very old.
The Bamkraxler, a lively biergarten just down the street. It seems very family-friendly, so perhaps we’ll have to check it out one night. I’ve read that it’s also rather popular with hikers who come down from Kahlenberg looking for a cold bier.

Across the street from Bamkraxler is Beethoven’s House, Kahlenberger Straße 26. It’s presently undergoing substantial renovation.  Maybe it will be finished before we leave.

We’re more curious about Kahlenberger Straße 28, though. Seems the place to be in times of armed conflict.
Around the curve and almost home. Hope you enjoyed the walk as much as we have.