From our temporary lodging at the Derag we could view the two points, and a little Google-mapping identified them as Kahlenberg and Klosterneuburg.  Having nothing better to do this afternoon, and all afternoon in which to do it, we took the 38A Autobus up to Kahlenberg.
Kahlenberg is listed as a “Further Afield” destination in some Vienna guidebooks, and that is just fine by me. Too many people up there would spoil the view, and before long a Starbucks might spring up. And a Nordsee. Or both.  For a mere €4 round-trip, the 38A travels up the winding switchback road from Grinzing in just 15 minutes, past gorgeous houses and equally gorgeous views to Kahlenberg, rising out of the foothills of the Eastern Alps. It was from this point King Jan Sobieski of Poland launched attacks on the Turkish during their siege of Vienna. Let’s hear it for one of my ancestral homeboys! I also read that Albert Einstein used the mountain as his muse, for more scientific pursuits.

At the top is the hotel that one can see from Vienna, along with markers for the Pilgrim’s Way (really? All the way to Krakow we can go?) and various hiking trails. Now that our Hound has his public transportation legs, I expect we’ll be hiking up and down these hills in the fall quite a bit.

The pretty Kahlenberg Kirche is also there, but it is the viewing platform from the hotel that draws the most attention.

The next time you’re in Vienna and have spare Euros in your pocket,  I highly recommend going “further afield.”  You won’t be disappointed.