Our plans for Sunday to walk our dog through the Stadtpark and wander through the Naschmarkt were foiled when the forecast sunny skies turned to steady rain. Our spirits were as gloomy as the skies because we had spent the previously sunny day with the rental car running a whole host of setting-up-the-household errands, and were eager to have some fun.  So to amuse ourselves we chose mumok, the modern art museum as our destination.  We are not modern art enthusiasts in the traditional sense, though. We find amusement in the art, rather than what perhaps more modern art purists would call appreciation. Basically, we poke fun at it.

The mumok building is its own piece of art
Leftover furniture stuffing. Why not.
Who hasn’t done one of these?
Giant fuzzy blue spider
Wall-E must have done an internship at mumok
From a collection of Russian modern artists
“Fashion as Eternal Deputy of Surrealism”
Is “Slave to Fashion” too obvious?
We exited mumok to beautiful blue skies. Seems the weather gods had played a mean little trick on us, but it was too late in the day to collect our hound and head back out.

The Museum Quartier was filled with folks catching some unexpected rays.  Everyone seemed cheery.

 The Natural History Museum sparkled in the sunshine.

 So, why so glum, Herr Mozart?