Sandwiched between a day at home waiting for air freight and a day at home waiting for the gardener to resod our garden, the three of us took a brief trip to Klosterneuburg, just barely north of the Vienna line.
We did not plan for one of the organized tours (Part II, on some inclement weekend with nothing else to do); rather, we just wanted to walk around the grounds of the 900 year old monastery and the castle tower and cathedral. Because we can.
No complex is complete without a big wall to defend against invading marauders.
No, the cathedral was not damaged in WWII; the structure has undergone restoration, in part.
Several years ago while in France I purchased a “memory” game of charming French scenes, and the scenes turned out to be so intricate that playing the game indeed required substantial memory.  The many cathedrals and churches we are seeing feel like the Viennese version of that game.

For perspective, you’ll note there is a person walking along the side of the cathedral.

Not Roman ruins!  These are remnants of a private chapel.

The grand salon lives up to its billing.

Especially the kleiner Spielplatz
The view was surprisingly not as sweeping as we imagined.

In the hazy distance is the 22nd district. (“Hi, Tony!”)

In the grand salon is the Hall of Giants, pensively pondering…

…the gift store in their midst.

Augustinian aromas for the home. We did not indulge.

Leaving so soon?