Already bored with unpacking, we decided to take CTF out on Vienna’s very dog-friendly public transportation system to the Stadtpark, a smaller version of New York’s Central Park.
Harness. Check.  Muzzle. Check. Train ticket. Check. He is ready to go!
When our daughter was a toddler we took her to France, during which time grape jelly sandwiches were her go-to snack.  Now it’s Schnitzel Semmel from the nearest street vendor. CTF likes them, too.

We have arrived!  In the month we have been living here we’ve seen no fewer than a dozen dogs each day riding transportation without their muzzle.  Of course, the Wiener Linien Transit Polizei choose our U-Bahn car to check tickets today, and I received a gentle admonishment from the officer about the importance of CTF actually wearing his.  At least we weren’t ticketed.

 Beautiful archways invite us in…

 …although we can not entirely escape the City.

 Being spied upon from above.

I would be upset, too, if someone scribbled on me.

 Basking in the warm summer sun.  She has the right idea.

 Plenty of diversions for the Hound, too.

Including chasing birds.

 My boys.

 My girl. Herr Strauss looks on approvingly.

 A classic! This postcard is one that I purchased when we last visited Vienna in 1999.