Tradition in our family calls for our daughter’s July birthday to be celebrated twice: the first time, on the actual day in July, with family; and then again in September, with friends who were scattered for the summer.  Some day she may not like celebrating the passing of time twice, but for now she finds it just wonderful.
We cobbled together a weekend celebration commencing with a little shopping for a new edition to her Lego Friends set. Great disappointment awaited us at Müller, where all of the sets had been sold out.  A last minute decision to have lunch atop Gerngross, along Mariahilferstrasse, took us past Gerngross’ toy department where, as luck had it, a plentiful supply of Lego kits were available. Hurrah!
The weather gods were playing mean tricks on us again Saturday evening, and spoiled our plans to continue the birthday celebration at the Prater, Vienna’s vintage-esque amusement park. Sunday, however, dawned with great promise, so before the forecast clouds could ruin the day, off we headed on our bicycles.
Like DC, Vienna has numerous trails to enjoy. We rode along the Donau Kanal…

 …with pretty views all around (including something in the distance that may be worth investigating!)

 As inspiring as these yogis are, I fear I would never come undone if I tried this.

 The Prater.

 A stroll along the Prater Hauptallee, via pedal power for some…

…and puppy power for others.

 A large version of the class desktop model invites investigation.  Why must it be marred with graffiti?

 The vintage Reisenrad.

 Pony-powered carousel.  How charming.

 The Prater Turm. Of course my children want to go on this ride.

 No fear, these two.

 Up they go!

They’re up there somewhere.

 No hands!

 Now this is a scary ride. Going inside a giant clown for a laser-filled roller coaster?  Of course!

 Thrills abound for my daredevils. Thankfully this was before lunch.

 And so was this.

 Are the boys really contemplating “Crispy Crap”?

“XXL Hot Dogs” beats Crispy Crap. Maybe next time.