We checked off the day’s goal of finding the doll house furniture store rather early, so without much of an agenda we opted to wander the Inner Stadt. No fewer than 10 churches are listed in my guide book as noteworthy so we split the list: half before a gelato stop, and half afterward. Seemed a reasonable way to sightsee.

Do forgive the grainy iPhone photos and odd angles; it’s all I had to work with today.

The first was Annakirche, an unassuming small church a few steps off Kartnerstrasse along Annagasse.

Pretty, sun-filled nave.

The Franziskanerkirche was a “late addition” in 1603 to Vienna, and was built upon a former medieval convent.  The blue exterior is rather striking in a Baroque yellow city.

Surprisingly elaborate interior.

No, that is not drapery along the side chapel, but rather plaster painted to look like drapery.

The Deutschordernskirche belongs to the Order of Teutonic Knights.
Hence all of the coats of arms displayed on the walls.

This one needs no introduction. The 250,000+ tiles were meticulously restored after the damage in the last days of WWII, and they shone beautifully in the blue, blue skies of Vienna today.

As always, lots and lots of people inside did not inspire us to linger.

You’ll have to make do with the exterior of the Evangelische Kirche. It wasn’t on our list, and we did not enter because a mass was being said, but we thought it was pretty nonetheless.

Our count was 5. Peterskirche. Modeled after St. Peter’s in Rome, but I’m not so sure.
Peterskirche, Wien 2012
St. Peters Basilica, Rome 2007

Lavish interior with pulpit that certainly draws your attention, though.

With frescoed ceiling, of course.

Our count? Seven.