The Brunnenmarkt is tucked into the 16th District just outside of the Gurtel, Vienna’s “Beltway.” Just saying “beltway” cracks me up, because of course this is what I think of.

This is what the Viennese think of.

Old style tram this morning. With our recent warm weather these little fishbowls become greenhouses by afternoon, and we’ve been tempted to wait for the next one in the hope of a modern tram with what passes for European air conditioning.

“Victoria” grapes, a basic table variety that ripens early.

Paprika rainbow.

Curly Cukes

All the turkey knuckles you could ever want, only €2.50 per kilogram.

Anyone up for beef tongue?

Or the entire head of a pig?

Ah, that’s more like it, rotisserie chicken.

A fresh hot pan of Börek. We bought two pieces to take home, but somehow only one piece made it.

“Karpfen” are carp; and “Krapfen” are doughnuts. Be careful with your order!

Quite possibly the dreariest, and most expensive, birthday cake I’ve seen.

The Pantone color set for cheese wax.
Asian Jack Fruit.

From Brunnengasse we spied this colorful church towering above the U6 tracks. It was not open, and nor could we find its name.


By this time the sun was hot and strong, and we were as wilted as some of the greens on display. Time to head home. Hope we catch a new tram!