Chief among my roles as Trailing Spouse is Event Planner. From Monday through Friday the three of us move in finely orchestrated fashion: morning sightseeing, afternoon errands followed by pool time for the children while I engage in other Trailing Spouse activities related to cleaning and cooking. This is good practice for Friday evenings, when the fourth member of the family breaks out of his UNO City cocoon and asks, “What are we doing this weekend?”
Saturday’s treat was the Hundertwasser Haus, a municipal apartment block created in the 1980’s.  Wow, you’re thinking. Taking the family to see community housing sounds like a real treat. No, not this kind of municipal housing (although there’s plenty to explore in this category).
This kind:

The Hundertwasser Haus was designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser to strike back against “soulless modern architecture.”  The apartments are delineated by color, some have undulating floors, and the rooftop is a garden with grass and trees. One is not able to view the individual apartments, of course. 
Tucked into the courtyard of the Hundertwasser Haus is the Hundertwasser Village. Not exactly a strike against “soulless modern capitalism.”
Gift stores abound, offering everything from postcards to high end Swarovski crystal.

Sisi and Klimt vie to carry your wares.

While the cardboard Mozart silently begs you to purchase candies from his corner.

There’s even the “Toilet of Modern Art” where for a mere €0.60 you can conduct your business in style.  Of course we splurged for the photo op.  For Toilet Groupies, there is also the Opera Toilet near the Vienna Opera House. Another time.