Well no, not really. We just weren’t enthusiastic for the Morning Exercise program at the Spanish Riding School, but really wanted to see the horses. So, hanging out at their stables across the street from the arena seemed the best compromise. And we weren’t disappointed. 

The horses have a very nice summer home.

Our timing was perfect. Within a few moments of our arrival the very kind “Horse Crossing Guard” showed us where to position for the best photos of the horses preparing to enter the arena. Nyanny nyanny booh booh to the tourists who walked past.  We got to see the horses up close and personal.

Entrance to the arena.

 Yay!  An Equestrienne!

 We love all horses, of course, including those who so beautifully chauffeur tourists through the city.

 Leaving Die Stallburg we paused in the former Royal Apothecary, now a lovely place to purchase equally as lovely items for the home. The original herbal appointments can still be seen on the cabinets.

The shop also had what is the largest display of my favorite pastilles I’ve ever seen. Don’t ask how many I purchased.

 Walking back through Die Stallburg our tummies were ever-so-slightly rumbling. Time for a pastry!

 But what to choose?

An espresso for me.

Hot chocolate for Anna Grace.

 And, the Apfelstrudel to share. With vanilla sauce, naturlich.

From the cafe we explored a small chapel within the Hofburg Palace, the Burg Kapelle. Apologies for the dark photos. I did not wish to disturb those in silent prayer with flash.

The Burg Kapelle has a choir loft that has been occupied by singing Viennese boys for 500 years; that is to say, it is the home of the Vienna Boys Choir.

The remainder of our day, I’m afraid, isn’t nearly as interesting. A trip to the local camping outfitter for remaining items for the upcoming school field trip, and an equally as dull visit to the grocery store for dinner items. Haben Sie ein schones Wochenende!