Off we went on a beautiful and sunny Sunday to wander through the hills of Kahlenbergerdorf, at the very northern edge of Dobling. We decided to cheat and take the (very crowded) bus up to Kahlenberg and then walk down, mostly because we had Clayton Theodore with us. Yeah, that’s our rationale and we’re sticking with it.
View of the Vienna Woods at the start of our walk.
The signage makes navigating the hills easy.
Our starting point was paved; we thought it rather luxurious.
The scenery is just as lovely as you might imagine. Wanderers were everywhere!  From Kahlenberg, as long as you keep descending, you’ll eventually get to either Grinzing or Nußdorf, so there’s little risk of being “lost.”
And besides, there’s always the Danube to guide you.
A fort? Who knows.
Whatever it is was begging to be climbed.



 In case you were wondering what color the grapes were.


 Leopoldberg is in the background. We didn’t go up there on this hike.

Ah, back in Vienna.

Take us home, Lassie!


Elderberries, I think. They’re everywhere and make the sidewalks a mess. I’ve read that it’s possible to make jam and wine from the berries, but I’ll defer to the more experienced on that.

Back on Kahlenberger Straße. Looks like the stork made a delivery to one of our neighbors recently!