I am almost embarrassed by this post, for it is just barely a teaser to the immeasurable beauty that is Turkenschanz Park. We were looking for a diversion that would allow Clayton Theodore to get his crazies out, so we saddled him up for public transportation and off we went.
The children think he looks like a Stormtrooper. 

 One of the fountains in the park.

 Hills, meadows, pretty little streams.

 A perfect “reading tree.” I almost left her there.

 An old watchtower. We could not climb, alas, as it was closed.

 A pretty mosaic fountain.

Another fountain. Clayton Theodore wants to explore this one.

More to his liking are the Hundezone, the fenced dog parks where he can run and run and run until he is exhausted. After all, a tired Hound is a happy Hound.

Just a small taste of the beautiful botanical displays. Some day I shall return with camera and multiple lenses in lieu of children and the dog.

 So inviting. Where is everyone?