To Baden we went to escape the heat of Vienna. The former Imperial spa town now offers the common man (and woman and child) the opportunity to frolic in the Roman baths of sulphurous mineral water and soak up the sun along the largest seashore in Austria.  Not bad for a landlocked country, now, is it?
The changing “cabins” were charming, and our belongings were kept very secure by the Thermalbad Hall Monitor. If I had ever summer vacationed at a family resort in the Catskills in the 1960’s, this is how I imagine it all would have looked.
The largest seashore in Austria did not disappoint.  Even I went into the water.
Art Deco and blue skies to the north.
Castle ruins of Rauhenstein to the west.
And who doesn’t like fake palms trees?
In the main pool the water is warm, but nothing compared to the spas in the center.  And perhaps because this bath is outdoors, the sulphur smell was rather minimal. 
Some in the family preferred the cooler waters of the other pools.

Time for a break. A cool himbeere soda tastes perfect on a hot day.

 Long shadows on the sand means it’s time to head home.