With the start of school has come a new routine. A Golden Retriever named Lilly and her family live around the corner, and Lilly and her owner head off into the vineyards for their morning walk once the children board the bus.  Clayton Theodore and I have been invited to come along.
This photo has nothing to do with the walk. I pass this house everyday and cringe at the asymmetry of the flower boxes. Just sharing my OCD with you.

Another sign of autumn’s approach on a neighbor’s fence.

Lead the way, Lilly!

Seems we’re advancing to “Level 2” this morning.
We made it.
Even with a little smog and the haze of a hot summer day creeping in, the view is always worth the climb.
Mmm. I spy a crisp Grüner Veltliner in my future.

Word of advice. They may look like raisins, but they do not taste like raisins.

 Back home. Cletus is having second thoughts about the routine being “improved.”