The ErnteDank festival took place this weekend on the grounds of the Austrian National Library. The translation means, “Thanksgiving,”  and the festival gave thanks to Austria’s amazing farm products. In many ways the festival was like our Thanksgiving, though, for by the time we had sampled the many cheeses, breads, wursts, marmalades, cakes, and sturm from across Austria, we were stuffed!
Autumn was in full swing in spite of the blue skies and 28°C day.
No matter the direction you walked, tantalizing displays beckoned you.
Hard to believe, but even with all that sampling we still had room for a lunch of schmalz bread, leberkäse semmel, and red wine sturm. I am so happy to be of Eastern European descent and can thus not gain a single pound by eating this food.
Poor Jack. He hasn’t learned by now that the grated “cheese” atop these breads is really horseradish.
In addition to celebrating the foods of Austria, other features of the country were on display, such as stuffed versions of many of the animals in the national parks. This is a wild boar, if you did not know. I have a tin of wild boar terrine in the pantry, and shall now forever have this image in my head when I schmeer the spread on my bread.  
I think there are quite of few of these soaring above the vineyards.
The closest we have come to seeing a mountain goat was its hoofprints as we climbed a ski lift outside Salzburg a couple of years ago. They look friendly enough, but I bet they are not.
Woodcarving-by-chainsaws was also on display.
As was a small Tannenbaum area. We left our holiday decorations in storage in the US, the plan being to trim our Austrian Christmas tree with baubles from the Christmas markets.  If this is an Austrian Christmas tree, we may not need too many baubles!
To wrap up the day, a charming scene from a market stall too lovely not to share.