It isn’t often that I post family notes here, mostly because they would bore you to tears. Once in a while, though, there is a little humor that can be shared.
Parents of students who participate in sports at the American Schools are expected to host visiting students; that is one of the ways the travel costs are kept low. Plus, it is a great way for our children to meet others.  In preparation for the first tournament at AIS this upcoming weekend, we were requested to provide information on our household (non-smoking, vegetarian, etc.) and the number of sleeping spaces we can offer. I indicated that we have a “large, but friendly, Foxhound” and joked that whomever would be offered our sofa would have to endure the evil stink eye from Clayton Theodore for taking “his” sofa.
This is his post-vineyard hike lounge position. He takes his napping seriously. 
Last night the assignment list was sent out, and this is how our house was described (emphasis mine):
Foxhound, heavy but friendly.
I can only wonder what the parents of the students we’ll be hosting are thinking!