Grinzing to Nußdorf under lightly clouded skies. Three hours, 5 kilometers, and 8 wines.
10:54. A first (shared) glass of sturm while watching sheep gently grazing on the slope.

Midway to the second stop, a pause to sample honey from the local apiary.

 A picnic, indeed. White sturm, this time with spinach and sheep cheese pastry.

 Stop #4. Mayer am Nussdorf was prepared for those who made it to the top.  Picnic tables…

…chairs pointed toward the sun…

 …roast pork,

 in which we indulged…

…prompting a catnap before proceeding.

A mere 75 paces to the east, “Where Heaven and Earth Meet,” were the wines of Klosterneuburg. A more fermented red sturm to fortify us for the descent to Nußdorf.

Along with “burgers” and Schnitzel Semmel. Having consumed a larger platter of roast pork, we declined to overindulge.

And very fancy water bowls for the canine hikers.
Driving to the top is cheating.

 Stop 6 was so crowded that we just kept on walking.

Stop 7 was 100m down the lane. Love the sign.
Our final stop was the busiest, and most touristy of the day, it being the closest to the tramline.  
To Wiener Weinwandertag 2012!