Being fans of the National Zoo at home, we have made a point to frequent the oldest Zoo in the world here in Vienna. The Schönbrunn Tiergarten is more of a research and conservation center than a traditional Zoo, but is by no means dull and boring. 

The main gazebo is Baroque, of course. Patterned after Versailles.
The architecture is noteworthy, no doubt, but what we really like about the tiergarten is how close the animals are to the visitors.

 This guy spent the better part of five minutes trying to get that pine cone through the fence, and always looking for a friend to help him.  He never did get that pine cone!

One of the pod of pelicans showing off.
Herr Peacock seems to be looking for someone…
…perhaps Frau Peahen who is out for an afternoon stroll?

 We’ve never seen roosters hiding in the Zoo before.

But we have seen lazy tigers.
Some of the big cats were on alert this afternoon. 

While other residents just wanted to eat.
Speaking of eating…time for lunch!