Autumn in Paris, 48 blissful hours.  The two days beforehand, not so much.

On Saturday evening the Nice Family living in our house in the States telephoned to report that the kitchen drain seemed to be irreparably clogged. We assured them that these things happen in 70 year old homes, and recommended they call a local plumber familiar with the old homes. Thankfully the cost to snake the drain was only in the three digits, or my shopping in Paris may have been slightly curtailed.
Shortly after said telephone call, we started the dishwasher in our 200+ year old rental home and tripped the main circuit, possibly damaging the server that houses all of the media that the boys have finely cultivated over the last three years or so in the process.  Tony did not have time for a full diagnostic exam of the server because he left for Paris at midday on Sunday, and I don’t concern myself with these matters. I was busy scuttling Anna Grace to AIS for her honors orchestra audition in the morning, and then preparing meals for the children while I’m away.  By Sunday evening three dinners had been prepped, and I even found time to throw two black sweaters into my suitcase. Voila!  I was packed.  
On Monday afternoon I boarded my new favorite airline for Economy Class, Air Berlin’s Niki.  (Austrian Airlines holds top place for Business Class.)  Haven’t figured out the giant insect theme, though.
Punctual, and they board people starting at the back of the plane, just like I would do if I ruled the world.  Plus, my OCD side loved, loved, loved the constant streaming of the plane’s position for the duration of the flight.
Don’t blink!  You’ll miss Luxembourg. 
Bienvenue Paris!  A little Hava Nagila at the Saint Michel Metro.

My darling husband was waiting on the street level with the welcome kit of wine, cheese, bread, and “secure” chicken (inside joke, always will be).  We dined quickly in our charming Saint Germain apartment, Google chatted with the children, and then took advantage of the beautiful evening to indulge in one of the most quintessential Parisian scenes.