There was something wonderful about not having a “Top Ten Must See” agenda for my, ahem, fourth visit to my favorite city in the entire world. No crazy itineraries for maximizing the Paris Visite card or calculating the best transit pass options, either. Very unlike me, I know.

Still, it is good to have goals; no sense completely idling away my time.  So I let the weather guide me. After le petit dejeuner in the apartment I was out the door to Pere Lachaise. The sun was peeking out occasionally from the clouds (and was an ideal time to play with some of the filters on my camera.) Pere Lachaise  is the largest cemetery in Paris, with scores of notable persons buried within. One in particular, fits the theme of the post title and the photos.

Did you guess Jim Morrison? (Get it? All the “Doors” in the photos?) Finding his location is not difficult; I just followed the tour guides. I’d read that once upon a time there were guards protecting his gravesite; now there is just barricade fencing. 
Shameful how fans have graffitied his gravesite. Explains the fencing.
Oh, wait. That’s not his site. Moron fans have defaced someone else’s site.
Probably morons like these two, who obviously don’t realize they’re the reason for the fencing.
The cemetery is a beautiful green space, the above scene notwithstanding. I roamed here and there for another hour or so, snapping photos when inspired.