Our last couple of days of the holiday were, of course, gray, gray, and more gray. A crisp wind blew the gray around us during a walk through the Lainzer Tiergarten, a very large wildlife preserve on the outskirts of the city. Emperor Franz Josef built Hermesvilla here for his darling wife, Sisi, in an attempt to convince her to stay closer to Vienna. It did not work, as we know, but is now a walkable destination within the preserve. 


Fading ever so gracefully.



The villa houses a cafe, offering friendly hot chocolate and piping bowls of rindsuppe and kurbiscreme (pumpkin) suppe to take the chill away.



The preserve is home to numerous forms of wildlife, and we did not have to venture too far into the park to see some of them.  We city folk got excited about the Auerochse, a relative of the North American bison and cow.
And the Mouflon (wild sheep).

There are wild boar in the preserve, too, but the only ones we saw were at the visitor center.

On this trip we only walked a kilometer or so into the park. Someday, if we ever get our car, we’ll bring our bicycles here to explore the many trails and waterfalls, and maybe even see a wild boar.