This morning could not have been any more gray, or heavy with the threat of rain. Yet, Clayton Theodore must have a little bit of the Postal Service Hound in him, for he is ready for his morning hike come rain or shine or gray and dreary.  Miss Lilly Lorraine and her owner were also ready to go after we left our darling children at the bus stop, so up into the hills we went.
A far cry from the lush green leaves and dangling bunches of sweet-sour grapes that have filled my camera lens in recent months.  The vines look so cold without their leafy cloaks.
The view over the Danube, from just below Kahlenberg.  
A lone tree with unusual clumps of leaves. 
Hibernating hives of the local apiary.
The fallen leaves reveal the home and surrounds of an eccentric gentleman who lives off the grid up in the hills.
Nearby is the CDG vineyard, the “Club der Grinzinger,” founded to preserve the viticulture heritage of the region.  “Friends of Grinzing” receive a 1m2 parcel of vineyard (and their own vine) with their lifetime membership.  It’s fun to walk through to see who some of the members are. 
Vlad is a Friend, and so are Romy Schneider and Sophia Loren, among other celebrities.
The headline of a recent district newspaper caught my attention: “Sex Calendar to Save Grinzing.” Not knowing quite what that meant, I turned to page 15 of the newspaper and learned that Grinzing is applying for designation of the vineyards as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is, or will be in time for the holidays, selling calendars of lovely Viennese ladies posing au natural among the vineyards as a fundraiser for the UNESCO application fee. 
I would bet that this “Friend of Grinzing” might enjoy the calendar.
While this “Friend” might not.