While I obsess over resetting the odometer with each refill of the gas tank, organize my pre-set radio stations by increasing order of frequency, and generally do not permit food to be eaten in my car, I am remarkably relaxed about hay and horse manure on the floor mats and in the boot.
Academics, sports, and music fell into place for Anna Grace once the school year began. Her classes are appropriately rigorous; she participates in the middle school athletics program; and with the guidance of her violin instructor, successfully auditioned for a chair in the European international middle schools honors orchestra (thus giving us a reason to visit Zurich in April for the concert!)  
Not everything was easy-peasy, though. The summer was spent largely without friends (unpacking boxes can only be so much fun); we were unable to form a Girl Scouts troop at the school (but found a great Girl Guides troop right in our neighborhood!); and the question of riding had to be tabled until we had a car.  No surprise, but I did not have to prompt Anna Grace to be ready to leave for the barn yesterday morning.  

Ibi Star gets his pre-workout brush down.
While a couple of his friends wait patiently for their turn in the arena.
Walk! Trot! Canter! No jumping until next week, though.
The lighting is dim. No flash allowed, naturally. But the smile is bright.
A grainy, but too-cute-to-pass-up iPhone photo of Anton, one of the trainer’s dogs. Part Jack Russell terrier, part cat.  He amuses himself in the barn by chasing (and eating) mice.
This is Naia, the trainer’s other canine companion. Sweet and gentle.
We knew dogs were permitted at the barn, but thought better of bringing Clayton Theodore along on this first outing. He has appropriate respect for horses, but he is not a mouser.