Handpoured candles and handcrafted woodland creatures await holiday shoppers at Adventmarkt Am Hof .


As well as holiday snow globes (Not the authentic Vienna globes. I checked.)
If there is a common feature to the markets, this one probably comes the closest.  Even then, the varieties of Orangenpunsch and Glühwein have different tastes from market to market, making it imperative that we sample the punsch at every market.
Gifts for the bird lovers, and lovers of sour cucumbers.


The market at Schloss Wilheminenberg was very small, but the view from atop the Vienna Woods more than made up for the size.
But not the surprise of the size of the typical Viennese Christmas tree.
Turkenschänzpark’s Market was also small, and is the only one to offer “HundePunsch” so far!
The Naschmarkt isn’t gussied up for the holidays, per se, but many of the stalls are offering seasonal sweets.


Karlsplatz Adventmarkt was highly rated by the family, not only for the artist’s stalls, but also for the savory lambfurters and wood-fired garlic bread.
And for its charming vintage transportation carousel.

Even our favorite Mexican grocer, Casa Mexico, offered traditional small plates for shoppers. (As well as a practical joker who peace-bombed my photo.)

The Spittelberg area, with its cozy alleyways and hidden stores, became even more charming with market stalls offering everything from handcrafted chocolates…
…to handmade hats…
…while our young Katniss Everdeen seemed particularly attracted to the handhewn bows.
For the consummate trend consumer on your holiday list, “Kitty World” is but a few steps from Spittelberg. All the Hello Kitty products you can imagine, and many you can not.  The amount of pink in the store rivals that of the American Girl Store at home.
And speaking of pink, the holiday Manner tram was out and about enjoying the sights on Saturday, too!