Because we know you’re wondering how Cletus is managing his amazing dog life in Vienna.
The aroma of the roasting Butterball on Thanksgiving Day was too much for our boy; he had to bury his head beneath the pillow on the sofa in the den until such time that he could beg for turkey.
Today he joined us for a stroll through the Christmasmarkt at Maria-Theresien Platz, prefaced, but of course, with a rumpus in the Volksgarten Hundezone with his Austrian canine brethren.  A ride on the tram is a Major Sensory Experience for him; entire chapters are written in his Catalog of Urban Smells during these outings, so we indulge his need to get his crazies out in the dog park whenever we can.
Cletus with his “disappointed” expression.  He is wondering why we are enjoying Schinkenknockerl   (ham with tiny noodle dumplings) at the market while all he gets is “HundePunsch” (water), even if it is in a Christmasmarkt mug.