Earning the top spot in the category of “Most Unique” holiday market so far is the medieval market on the grounds of the War History Museum.  The backdrop for the market is the museum building courtyard of the old arsenal. (The alien-like green structure in the back is a Telecom Austria tower.)

The market was not of wooden stalls trimmed with greenery and lights; but rather, with wagons and canvas-draped structures in natural tones.  The offerings were in period, as well, and  included handmade leather bags and belts, homemade soaps and candles, hand thrown pottery, knives and small weaponry, and beautiful ribbon hair adornments for the young maidens. Very different from the bright and shining Christmas colors we’ve seen so far.
Shopkeepers and tavern owners were all dressed in period costumes, with several tents offering the warm cloaks for sale.
Medieval music filled the air with holiday sounds;  the smoke of grilled meats wafted through the market, tempting us even though we had dined earlier on rindgulasch and wildschwein ragout (hearty fare to fortify us for our outing.)  And the Met came from large iron pots, poured into goblets, of course.