I made it back to The Leopold Museum to see “Nackte Männer” this week with a collection of friends and a private guide. Girls like to do things together, of course, and this seemed like the kind of exhibit to giggle at take in with a friend.
Our guide was outstanding. She presented the timeline of the male model throughout history so well that even I could understand. Ancient Egyptian men wanted to be immortalized as a younger, more virulent version of themselves. Of course they did.
Greek and Roman men were into themselves as works of art. Of course they were.
Now we have the Metrosexual Male, who is apparently so into himself that he can be bought.
The guide described how the anatomical study of man in the 18th century was undertaken by all professions, from artists to doctors to architects. The anatomical study of woman, however, was only achieved if one of these professional men hired a prostitute. Nice.
Some of the art was giggle-worthy, such as this photoshopped picture of a sculpture.
And this wall-size painting.  Imagine this as your screensaver.
Some of the art was quite lovely, perhaps even something I would consider hanging at home.
This is not something I would consider hanging at home. But there were about a dozen frames of this hunk in various sultry poses in one of the galleries for those of you so inclined.
This particular photo has caused considerably controversy in Vienna as the promotional poster for the exhibit for a number of reasons, not the least of which has been the complaint that there is too much male nudity. All this fuss in a city where the posters for Palmers, a lingerie store, position the scantily clad model’s boobs right at the eye level of my Teenage Son, too.

 Nonsense, I say. The men are wearing socks and shoes, after all.