Our first Christmas in Austria was just delightful. The peals of the church bells from Nußdorf and Heiligenstadt Pfarrkirchen woke us at midnight; and then, about five hours later, our children woke us (after the coffee had brewed, most definitely) to inspect the Czech handhewn bows and arrows that Santa brought them.  The morning passed leisurely into evening, and we brought the holiday to a close with our traditional dinner of borscht, pierogis, and kielbasa.
The holiday hustle and bustle over, today dawned with the promise of an empty agenda. By late morning the breakfast plates were cleared, the snow apparel located in one of the handful of remaining unpacked boxes, and off we headed to Styria for an afternoon of fun in the snow. 
A four-run toboggan ticket kept the children occupied.

While Tony and I were occupied with lunch in the lodge. (I can dress for snow, but that does not mean I desire to be out in it.) 

The Knoblauchcremesuppe (garlic cream soup) with black bread toasts was perfect.
A few hours, and a couple of cold and sore bottoms later, we were settled in with dinner in front of the fire and a movie on the flat screen at home. I love the holidays.