His incessant whining began early. We are morning people, but still, the sad look and the pacing in the hallway began much earlier than usual, and especially for holiday break.  It was almost as if Clayton Theodore knew I would be awed with our walk.  Now, if only he had somehow indicated that I grab my real camera…
Our street was dark and quiet, with morning only starting to peek out from above the buildings.

Along the Donau, just outside of Vienna.  Perhaps we assign him too much emotion, but we think Clayton Theodore loves to watch the barges and the birds. He stands motionless for minutes, maybe composing canine sonnets in his little dog head.  More likely, though, he is contemplating how to catch one of the gulls.

Otto Wagner’s magnificent lions atop the sluice and weir that control the flow of water into the Donau Canal.



Otto Wagner’s Floodgate House.
Beautiful colors across the Donau.
Eventually the sun rose and we headed up into the vineyards, of course. No morning walk would be considered complete without a hike though the vines.