Yesterday morning I let the boys sleep off the disappointing Outback Bowl loss while Clayton Theodore and I went out for our morning walk. Of course Cletus came along with us on this holiday! Prague is as dog-friendly as Vienna! (America, please take note of how dog-friendly Europe is, and how dog-friendly you are not.)  He’s pretty easy to travel with, as well, settling into the car quickly and adjusting to new places with relative ease chief among his finer canine qualities.
Our Lady Before Tyn’s spires guide us to the old town. 
All was quiet in the square, save for the cleaning crews and a few people walking with their dogs, too.
St. Nicholas shines against the morning sky.
The universal constants of coffee shops and bakeries were ready to greet morning birds.

 Just the two of us in front of the Astronomical Clock; all the tourists were still asleep.

Unlike the night before, there were no crowds blocking the view of the Lebkuchen nativity in the market square.
Morning.  Time to wake the family and “Czech” out this beautiful city!