Alternative title, “Silly ex-pat from the US Mid-Atlantic gets excited with first snowfall of the season.”  Some reasonable amount of snow fell overnight, so I shirked my responsibilities this morning, after walking Clayton Theodore, of course, grabbed my camera and headed into the 1st.
Urban snow removal crews were at it early.  Those little plow trucks are adorable.
Hardly anyone on the D tram.  
Not even any strolling Mozarts in front of Stephansdom.
Hofburg was quiet, too. 
Demel’s “Doughnut” Theater had just an audience of one. Getting a table would have been too easy.
Walking through the Hofburg arcade, I had the enticing Petit Point store window display all to myself, as well.
Michaelerplatz with Rathaus in the background. One lonely dog playing in the snow.
I did ask Clayton Theodore if he wanted to go with me this morning. He declined.  Or is that, reclined?
Not a soul along the ring near the museums.
Nobody hopping on or off today, either. 
Or enjoying the Volksgarten.
And, even more curious, hardly anyone at the grocery store. I had my pick of the “Frauenparkplätze” (Parking for Women) when guilt set in and I decided to feed my family.  Where is everyone?