Saturday afternoon presented itself with an open agenda. But what to do? The thermometer was reading -4°C outdoors, which doesn’t really keep us indoors. The cold weather here is far drier than what we experience in the Mid-Atlantic, so that miserable “damp-to-the-bone” feeling is, most thankfully, only a memory. The vineyard paths were fairly slippery, though, so our planned outdoor walkabout with Clayton Theodore to Kahlenberg and back was a no-go.
Still, -4°C is cold. So we sought a slightly warmer activity, the indoor pool and saunas at Dianabad.  There are a handful of indoor pools and thermal baths in Wien proper, so we decided to investigate one of them.  Tough work we have, to be sure.
 Once inside and stripped of layers of winter woolens, Anna Grace embraced her inner mermaid…
…amidst gently rolling whirlpools and the hourly “ocean wave.”
Eventually Tony and I abandoned the delightfully warm water and comfortable lounges for the adults-only Finnish sauna, relaxing in the warm, steamy rooms with nary a care for the cold weather outside.
I think we’re good with winter in Wien.