Sometimes it’s just easier to walk first, then figure out where we’ve gone.  The world’s most livable city boasts some 500km of hiking and walking trails, and it provides shiny incentives for those who complete some or all of the trail hikes.  The Rund-um-Wienwanderweg is an 11-hike journey totaling 120km around the edges of Vienna, while the Stadtwanderwegs are individual city walks of varying lengths and difficulties. There is also the Rundumadum, a 24-hike journey that seems to incorporate portions of both of the other two, also for a total of 120km. At each segment there is a place to have your official hiking booklet stamped; once filled with stamps and sent to an office somewhere in Vienna, the hiker will receive the appropriate pins and certificates.

Simply being active and fit is not enough incentive for me to walk–I want the bling, too. So Clayton Theodore and I took advantage of the beautiful, if unseasonal, weather this week to continue our efforts toward the bronze, silver, and gold pins; and, I think, the certificate for walking around, across, and through the city.  Stadtwanderweg 1, the Kahlenberg trek is complete many times over. This is our morning walk before coffee.  Total: 11km. So is the Rundumadum Trek 1, Nußdorf to Cobenzl trek complete. Tony and I completed most of this hike during the fall Wienweinwanderweg weekend, even while stopping for sturm every few hundred meters, and Clayton Theodore and I had a repeat this week.  Total: 7,6km.  At some point I’ll need a map and spreadsheet to keep it all straight.

Today my canine hiking partner and I set out for the Fernwärme Wien plant, the city’s Hundertwasser incinerator, part of, I think, the Rundumadum journey. We only walked a 4km stretch along the Danube Canal because it was so BORING.  Even the “wall art,” whether it was legal or not (Vienna is a city that allows for “legal street art” in certain places) was not Graffiti Hall of Fame worthy.

Fernwärme Wien in the distance, the bulbous smokestack.
The Döbling Step across the Danube Canal
Our destination.  There is a small museum there that looked interesting, but we took a pass.

No dogs to sniff. No birds to chase. Just step after step of nothing much.  After that disappointing walk, he could not care if “we” were closer to our bling or not.  He was just happy to hop on the tram and head home for a nap.

I’ve mentioned the unusually warm weather (that has melted all the snow), and I fear that we may not see any more snow this season. Why?  Because two of these just arrived this week for the children.