One of the many perquisites of having talented children (all bias intended) is that every now and again the fruits of our labor (and pocketbook) reap delightful rewards.  Last evening it was the opportunity to spend several hours immersed in the symphonic, wind ensemble, folk, operatic, and choral beauty of The Festival, ‘China Meets Austria’ Symphony Night at the Musikverein, home to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, with its Großer Saal considered to be one of the finest concert halls in the world.

The evening featured performing arts students from two Austrian music schools, the American International School Vienna, and several schools from across China.

The performance by the students of the American School was our favorite, of course. Especially that of a certain trumpet player in the last row. 

In 1999 Tony and I enjoyed a performance in this venue on our first ever visit overseas. Little did we know what the future held…