Before my confession, the requisite morning stroll. Yesterday’s path took us along Beethovengang, almost silent with snowfall but for the sounds of Schreiberbach gurgling toward the Donau.  I thought I would hate snow by now, but after so many years of the slush-from-the-skies of a DC “winter” this is still delightful.
On those occasional true snow days in DC I would opt to work from home, as, really, the only drivers worse than transplanted DC drivers are, perhaps, the Viennese. Sorry, Austria. It’s only taken three months, and I rarely drive, but I am already weary of the tail-gating and road-hogging, and don’t even get me started on the entitlement of occupying more than one parking space. On a dreadful but necessary outing to a shopping mall not too long ago, the children counted 37 cars with Wiener tags whose drivers had blatantly parked across two spaces.  But I digress.
One work-at-home day in the US the Pileated Woodpecker came down from the trees behind our home to feast on the seed cakes on our patio.  I made like a ninja to reach my camera before Woody left.
On our annual summer holidays to Cape Cod, the family respects my dragging my camera along to stalk pipers on Nauset Beach…
…in the canoe to stalk Herons on the Salt Pond…

…and while whale watching to stalk Cormorants off Provincetown.

No surprise, then, that I have no fewer than a dozen seed cakes hanging across our garden here.   The Blue Titmouse (or maybe the Great Tit) are frequent visitors, along with a little reddish bird and the Choughs, Mr. and Mrs. Sometimes the Common Jay drops by, but I am never fast enough with the camera to catch him.  Yesterday, though, the birds indulged me.