Another warm and blue-sky sunny day in Italy. None of us are really missing the bleak grays of February in Vienna. Not that we don’t love living in Europe. Simply put, though, gray is not a flattering color.

We pointed the wagon west on this morning toward the Ligurian Sea.  Our first destination was a very pretty university town. Like so many cities in Italy, this town had a stunning Duomo…
…complete with chimeras (I love chimeras)…
…and a frothy-tipped Baptistry…
…all tucked inside ancient Roman city walls with impeccably groomed grass.
But what is that?  Leaning out from behind the Duomo?
Torre Pendante against a blue sky.  The postcards in the souvenir stands were not even this picturesque. 
So, so, many tourists posing for this photo that I really think the North African tchotchke hawkers should reconsider their business strategy.
We paused for an al alfresco lunch at a sunny restaurant near the Torre before sallying forth on our day. Clayton Theodore loves pizza Pisa.
The view as we left Pisa. “The tower was shorter than I thought it would be.”
Our detour to Lucca was via an Italian National Park, where we all dipped our fingers (and canine toes) into the Ligurian Sea.
We were here.

Lucca is a pleasant walled city.  The children rented bicycles and rode the ramparts around the city while Tony and I strolled the ancient cobblestone streets with Clayton Theodore, savoring the warm sun on our faces in our private passaggieta.