Our “ski break” holiday ended a day early, not because we weren’t enjoying the warm and sunny weather, though. The forecast for the mountainous areas through which we would return had changed, with calls for snow accumulations. Now, while I may own a snowy weather capable vehicle from a Scandinavian country that knows snow, that does not mean I want to actually drive in said snowy weather. Plus, there was the pesky business of addressing our failed boiler in the Vienna house, a matter that could not be addressed if we returned on Saturday.  And so, Parma and Modena will just have to wait for another time.
For anyone cartographically inclined, the drive from Udine, Italy to Klagenfurt, Austria passes through the Alps and is generally miserable. Think winding roads, commercial trucks, Italian drivers and slow speeds, in good weather. Adding snow to that equation was not my idea of fahrvergnügen.  So we routed ourselves through the Dolomites and via Innsbruck, a much wiser decision.
The house was a chilly 11°C when we arrived. Tony gave the boiler a quick look-see and determined that repairing the leaky valve might just help matters. And indeed, by morning the temperature was a tropical 17°C.  We still kept our required appointment with the “maintenance” person, who walked around our house for 90 minutes feeling the radiators and pronouncing, “alles gut.”  Can’t wait to see the invoice.
We awoke on Friday to snow! Beautiful, fluffy, snow!  This is the view looking up into the pine tree that sways fiercely in our garden with the winds.
The chestnut tree on the other side of the garden and a view toward our garden from the path.


Running errands in the 22nd, I spied a gentleman feeding the local pigeons, and the snowplow tram. We don’t have these novelties in DC.
With less than a month to go before Spring officially arrives, we thankfully haven’t tired of winter yet. Besides, we leave in five weeks for Croatia, so what’s a few more weeks of snow when we have more blue skies and warm temperatures to look forward to?