We’ve had our vehicle now for a few months; and, admittedly, I drive it so infrequently that a tank of petrol lasts about three weeks. Yet, I see the most amazing parking displays every time I am out, so I have to believe this is a regular, accepted custom. 
“Beginning Park.” Bad, but not so bad as to occupy another space.
“Intermediate Park.” Also bad, but not so bad that another car could not conceivably park in the adjacent space.
“Advanced Park.”  I first thought this style was limited to pretentious owners of high-end vehicles. There were a few people who parked like this in the garage at my office, but at least they did so in the dark corners of level P-4.
I soon observed that this parking style transcends all vehicle owners.
But why is this so common? I have a few theories.
1. They never learned how to park?  This one may seem plausible, although given the $1500 price tag for driving lessons here in Vienna (we looked into lessons for Jack), I would think the cost should include parking lessons.
2. They are not Viennese? Or perhaps not even Austrian? 
3. Because they can?
4. They are delighting in the rare bliss of a reasonably-sized parking space? By taking two of them. 
The only theory that makes sense to me, though, was one suggested by a European friend.  They are “on a hurry.” Of course!  Stores are barely open during the weekday; only by a stroke of luck are they open past noon on Saturdays, and not at all on Sundays or any of the 39 annual holidays. Some close in the middle of the day, too.  What else is a driver to do, waste precious time by parking properly?