We are fortunate to have children who truly enjoy playing their respective instruments. And they play their instruments well, all bias aside. Jack earned a chair in the AMIS HS Honors Band, and is off this week in Dubai, ostensibly rehearsing with other highly talented high school students for the concert on Saturday (including a bandmate from the US who moved to China over the summer–how awesome is our small world!).  He graciously sent his benefactors parents this update last night on his hard work:

Greetings Mom!  It’s been a busy day, in the span of 24 hours we were on 2 flights, toured the Burj Khlaif, Emirates mall and Dubai mall, took a boat tour of Dubai, went to the local markets for shopping, and ate Papa John’s and Johnny Rocket’s for food. Aside form the fact that this place is in the middle of the desert, you wouldn’t know the difference between here and Chicago. Also I took lots of pictures so don’t worry. Ill text you tomorrow evening after rehearsal.

Busy day, indeed. With all that rehearsing, the poor thing may not have time for a camel ride or sand dune tour.

Anna Grace, as well, has earned a chair (First Violin, if I may brag) in the AMIS MS Honors Orchestra and will be traveling to Zurich next month for her concert.  She has been working diligently with her instructor on the lengthy repertoire, and because the lessons take place at our home, Clayton Theodore, too, receives musical enrichment every Wednesday afternoon.

This is his cue to move into his music appreciation position on the sofa.

For an hour or more each week, he slumbers to waltzes and symphonies being rehearsed, enriching his little dog mind. 

Musical enrichment, Foxhound Style.