In theory, visiting an Easter market should mean sunshine and mild temperatures. Last year we were in Krakow the week before Easter and had rain, sleet, and snow, and sometimes all three in the same day.
Here in Vienna yesterday at least we had sunshine, but the temperatures were still more Christmasmarkt-like. Nevertheless, we bundled up and pretended it was spring.
The Old Vienna Easter Market boasts some 40,000 Easter eggs, so even I could find a few to bring home for the collection.
In the not-from-a-chicken series, wax and felted wool eggs.

 Fancy eggs with boas and beads.

Woodland creatures and farm friends.
Petit point and macrame, flowers and stencils.
Painted wooden eggs, more Eastern than Central European.
And of course, Klimt and the good Kaiser.
Near the Easter Market were food and arts and crafts markets. Since our toes were already numb, what was a little more wandering in the cold?

While out and about over the last week, I’ve started to see more Easter egg displays like these at the markets.

Inspired, but lacking a tree from which to hang our Easter eggs, I got a little creative with the grapevine sticks on our porch. I think Martha Stewart would be impressed.