Really?  Was this necessary?  The children are at BASEBALL and TRACK & FIELD tryouts, both of which are SPRING sports.   I should not have had to don winter gear to collect them after practice.


My cold and hungry children piled into the warm car. The Teen complained that he was cold (having, of course, just returned from Dubai); to him I offered no consolation. The Tween groused that the coach made them run outside. Even Clayton Theodore gave me the, “Are you serious, woman?” look when I suggested he make a quick run into the garden to conduct affairs.

I am not fooled by the little bit of sunshine today, and the promise of warm temperatures tomorrow. The boots, gloves, hats, and scarves will remain in the garderobe, at the ready, because I just know I will be reaching for them again.

Please, dear Austria, just shut the door to the Czech Republic or Germany or wherever the cold is coming from.

Thank you.